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Want to know how to find out the area of isosceles triangle in C programing. Here we do cover the step by step information to find out the Area of isosceles triangle In C. If you got any ideas then do share here by commenting here.

C program Area of isosceles triangle(standard)

  1. Length of same sided will be store into “a” variable

2) Side2 value will be store in to “b” variable

3) Now we are calculating the area using area=(b*sqrt(4*(a*a)-(b*b)))/4


c program Area of isosceles triangle(function)

1)We are calling the function area(a,b) by passing a,b values

2)Now  float area(float a, float b) function  calculate the area,that value is return to ar=area(a,b);


c program Area of isosceles triangle(pointers)

1)We are passing addresses of a,b and ar variables by using area(&a,&b,&ar)

2) void area(float *a,float *b,float *ar) in this function the values at that address will store into pointer

variables and calculate the area of triangle


C program Area of isosceles triangle(macros)

  1. Here (b)*sqrt((4*(a*a)-(b*b)))/4  was defined as area(a,b).
  2. area(a,b) replaced with that expression given in#define



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