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C program Area of square(standard)

  1. For calculating the area of square we need length of side.

2)The side value will store into the variable “side”.

3)The value of side will substituted int the formula then we will get area value,that value will assign to the variable “area”.


C program Area of square(function)

1)float area(float s) calculates the area of square.This function is called as “called function”.

2)We are calling the function using the code area(s).

3)The called function will calculate the area and returns the value,that value will assigned to the variable “a”.


C program Area of square(pointers)

1)We are calling the function by passing the references as arguments in the code area(&s,&a).

2)The called function retrieve the values from the given addresses and calculate ┬áthe area,and that value will store into the pointer variable “area”.


C program Area of square(macros)

1)area(s) is symbolic name to the expression (s*s).

2)At the code area(s)replaced with that expression given at #define.


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